Headstone Transcriptions

Recorded Events
Taken from the Narrogin Observer
From 1931 to 1936

Extract from the Narrogin Review published in 1936.

I have made every effort to be as accurate as possible. If you find any errors, please

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One in four trade unionists in Australia out of employment; local unemployment increasing.
Resignation of Councillor Illingworth -
Visit of Sir Talbot Hobbs.
Annual meeting of shareholders of Great Southern Butter Company; nett profit £1539/6/5; butter sales and stock of butter on hand, £23,707/2/-.
Death of Mr. F. W, Rose, of Wickepin, Relief Committee of Unemployed formed; administering sustenance to 380 men, women and children
Town properties revalued. Visit of the Premier, Sir James Mitchell
Death of Mr. Jesse Martin, of Williams.
Improved talkie pictures introduced to Narrogin by Mr, E. A Menzies
Death of Mr. E, C. Wiese.
Bank deposits drop one per cent.
Death of Mr. W, A Urquhart, postmaster.
Death of Mr, W E. C, Moss, first mayor of Narrogin..
Death of Mr. Hector Stewart, M.L.C.
Visit of Moderator General.
Visit of Minister of Education.
Death of Mr. Michael Flynn. Peter Dawson visits Narrogin.
Sheep values in November from 7/- to 10/-..
Visit of Colonel. A. C. N. Olden.
Annual meeting of Narrogin Municipal Council; debit balance £2,273.
Presentation and dinner to Ex.Mayor McCormick.
Official opening of Narrogin Aerodrome by Senator E. B. Johnston; first lady to go up, Mrs Eyre.


Death of Mr. William Downes.
Perth Wool Sales averaged 9.08d. per lb
Additions to Great Southern Butter Factory buildings; also improved machinery.
Mr H. V. Piesse wins South-East Province Election
Mr P. - Doyle transferred to Albany.
Council borrows £2,250 in order to fund liabilities of sporting bodies.
Visit of Sir William Birdwood.
September Wool Sales up to 14=d. per lb.
Death of Mr. W. T. Rabbish.
Visit of the Governor General, Sir Isaac Isaacs
Complimentary social to the retiring Mayor, Mr. McCormick.
Conference of District Local Governing Bodies with respect to new Government Hospital
Death of Rev. Father Phelan, first parish. priest of Narrogin.
?? Anniversary of erection of Baptist Church commemorated.
Annual meeting of Justices Association held at Narrogin
New - District Hospital opened.
New Hospital Agreement signed.
Mayoral contest: McCormick 404, Hall 401.
New Tennis Pavilion opened.
December Wool Sales up to 13d. per lb.; average 11d approximately.


Death of Rev. Stanley Jarvis.
Narrogin Club wins G.S. Golf Pennant.
Annual meeting of shareholders of Great Southern Butter Co.; nett profits on year £3,311/12/1; butter sales and stock on hand, £39,354/l6/4.
Messrs. Bradford, Hilder and Hardie re-elected.
Visit of Prime Minister, Mr. - J. - A. Lyons.
Labour Government in power - (Mr. Collier premier). -
Referendum carried for Secession.
Narrogin State School wins Shield in District Sports with 69 points.
Narrogin successful in field of sport.
Tennis: G.S. Pennants, singles Championship,
Doubles Championship, Mixed Doubles,
Ladies Doubles, Ladies' Singles; Bowling:
G-.S. Pennant, - G.S. Championship Pairs;
Golf: G~S. Championship; G.S.
Hockey: State Country Women's Championship, Men's G.S. Championship;
G.S. Pennants.
Sir James Mitchell, Lieutenant Governor. Council borrows #5,000 towards half cost of District Hospital.
Tender of Hawkins & Sons £9,106/15/- for erection of new hospital.
Tenders invited by G.S. Co-op. Butter Co. for erection of new factory at Albany.
Council borrows #20,000 for new Electric Light Station.
Annual Show opened by Lieutenant Governor.


Departure of Rev. Gomm.
January Wool Sales up to 26d. per lb.; average approximately 24d. per lb.
Departure of Father Sheridan; Rev. Pace appointed.
Presentation to Mr. W. F. Wiese.
New Municipal Electric Power Station built by J, Fawkins & Sons, contractors.
Mr. W, Mickle retires from business; Mr. C. Walker, of Dumbleyung, arrives,
Death of Ex Councillor Wald.
Death of Mr E. Rubie, an old resident.
Death of Mr. H, Baron Rodway, of Darkan.
Mr, C Wittenoom re-elected for South-East Province.
Farewell to Dr. Mainland.
Mr. S. C. Mansfield appointed to Fremantle; Mr. Ranford takes his place. -
Death of Mr. H. J. Rintoul, an old resident.
Death of Mr. T. P. O'Connor, an old -resident.
Sir William Birdwood visits Narrogin
Death of Mr. E. M. Harding, of the Union Bank.
Death of Mr. W. A. Hughes, of "Great Southern Leader."
Death of Mr. Peter Webb, a former resident.
New Municipal Electric Light Station opened.
Mr. Skevington, late of Katanning, appointed manager of Union Bank.
Death of Mr. 3. H. Shilling, an old resident.
"Great Southern Leader" ceases publication.


Messrs. Mowday, Gloe, Graham, Cullen and Manning appointed provisional committee to promote Chamber of Commerce.
Narrogin State School wins District School Championship.
April Wool Sales up to l5d. per lb,
King's Jubilee.
Petition for Secession.
Chamber of Commerce established; Mr. M. H. Mowday, President; Mr. C. W. Allen, Secretary.
Death of Mr. T. Pauley, an old settler.
Death of Rev. Wm. Needham, late Rector of Narrogin,
Mr. T. Sten appointed President of R.S. League.
Mr. R. G. Duncan appointed Secretary of the Narrogin Road Board. - - -
Secession petition rejected by British Government.
Resignation of Cr. Mackie; Mr. H. Marsh takes his place.
Cr. Clunas retires.
Cr. C. Miller retires.
November Wool Sales up to 18%d. per lb.
Death of Mc: E. J. Butler, an old resident.
Death of Mr. F. W Floyed. an old resident.


Local Chamber of Commerce decides in January to inaugurate "Narrogin Week."
January Wool Sales up to 18d.
Death of King George. World-wide sorrow.
God Save King Edward VIII.
February Wool sales up to 22d.
Narrogin Musical Society. President (Mrs. R. L Ewing); Secretary (Mr. T. Sten.)
Water Restriction.
Farewell to Mr. Dunstan.
Visit of Colonel Sleeman. Chief Commissioner overseas for St. John Ambulance.
Visit of Governor-general (Lord Gowrie).
Death of Mr. W. Pottle, an old resident.
Death of Mr. J. Bushby, an old resident.
Narrogin Annual Show a success. Official Opening by Sir. James Mitchell (Lieut.Governor).

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