Headstone Transcriptions

Recorded Events
Taken from the Narrogin Observer
From 1926 to 1930

Extract from the Narrogin Review published in 1936.

I have made every effort to be as accurate as possible. If you find any errors, please

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Council proposes to raise loan to build subsidiary Hall.
Inspector T. G. J. Mitchell retires.
Dr. Flynn retires; Dr. Thorne commences practice.
January Wool Sales up to 26d. per lb.
Official opening of new Flour Mill.
"Great Southern Leader" newspaper destroyed by fire.
Present brick offices of Narrogin Observer" built.
Council lays experimental area of bitumen.
Proposed new hospital conference of delegates representing local and district
May Wool Sales up to 20d. per lb.
Proposed increase of area of Greater Sports Ground.
Mannings new shop erected.
Frank McKinnell visits the town after 20 years; astonished at progress made.
Complimentary dinner to Mr. C. D. Mitchell.
Official opening of Fire Station.
More talk of Secession.
Narrogin-Dwarda railway opened.
Death of Mr. Thomas Larwood, a very early resident.
Death of Mr. Arthur Hammersley.


In reply to Senator Johnston the Education Department states that in the event of classes above Standard VI reaching 120 scholars and there is a prospect of at least 10 children remaining each year after passing the Junior exam. the establishment of a High School will be considered.
Mr. C. Christensen commences business (retired in 1936).
January Wool Sales up to 27d. per lb.
Farewell to Rev. R. W. Needham.
Narrogin State School wins Inter-School Sports,
Mr. Treleaven, manager of Union Bank, transferred Mr Ramshaw appointed.
Duke end Duchess of York visit Australia.
Death of Mr. T. W. Lange. aged 83, an old resident
Mr A. V. Neal appointed Health Inspector
Inspector Johnston farewelled; Inspector Barry appointed to the position.
November Wool Sales up to 29d. per lb.
Mr A P. McCormick returned unopposed as - Mayor vice Mr. S. J. Warne.


Motor vehicle Registrations in Narrogin district, 378.
Death of Mt. F. Hosking, first manager of National Bank
New National Bank premises completed.
Federal Street bitumenised.
Perth Wool Sales up to 30d. per lb.
Butter Co. shows a nett profit of £1728/95.
Co-operative Butter Co. establishes a new factory at Denmark.
Phenomenal downpour of rain at Narrogin.
Mr C. H. Wittenoom returned for South-East Province.
Mr. V. White, schoolmaster, leaves Narrogin.
Visit of Mr. Scullin.
Visit of Dr. Earle Page.
Visit of Mr. P. Collier.
Mr. E. B. Johnston retires from State politics.
Mr. V. Doney elected for Williams-Narrogin.
Death of Mr. E. T. Farrelly, an old resident.
Mr. E. B. Johnston returned as Senator, after representing Williams-Narrogin for 17 years in the State Parliament.


Centenary of the State.
January Perth Wool Sales up to 25=d. per lb.; average approximately 24d.
Wheat market depressed; increased demands of labour.
Public testimonial to Senator-Elect Johnston.
Annual race meeting. #460 in prizes.
School overcrowded.
Mr. W. F. Wiese President of the Agricultural Society.
Death of Rev. Kennedy.
Death of Mr. Charles Street, first SM,
Narrogin Convent erected (Mr. W. C. Clark, contractor, #8031).
Death of Mr. Thomas Carmody, early settler.
Infant Health Centre officially opened.
Departure of Rev. Strickson (Baptist).
Visit of Premier Collier.


Sheep bring up to 28/- in metropolitan market.
Narrogin Race Club offers #500 in prizes.
Wool brings up to 15=d. per lb.. average approximately 14d.
Local sale: Fat wethers up to 19/6.
Disastrous bush fires throughout district.
Butter Factory makes nett profit of #1557/7/1 on turnover of £16,450/12/9; A. Hardie elected to Board, vice J. Gibson.
Early in year general feeling of uneasiness regarding future.
Inter-School Sports resulted in Narrogin State School securing highest points.
Labour Government defeated; Mr. Doney returned by majority over Mr. McKenna of 1966 votes to 825.
Premier and Treasurer, Sir James Mitchell.
Australian gilt-edged securities, classified investments, industrial stocks and bank shares show sharp decline in June.
Public send-off to Mr. and Mrs. G. F, Parsons.
Unemployment Committee formed.
November Wool Sales, prices up to 14d, per lb.; average approximately 10d. per lb.
Mayoral contest between Messrs. E. S. Half and J. C. Clunas resulted in a win for the former.
Mr. W. F. Wiese elected President of the Agricultural Society.
Death of Mr. H. Bacon, senr,
Sub-Centre of St. John Ambulance formed; Dr. Mackie. Patron; Mr. E. S. Hall, Chairman; Mr. E. H. Boakes, Secretary.

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