Headstone Transcriptions

Recorded Events
Taken from the Narrogin Observer
From 1916 to 1920

Extract from the Narrogin Review published in 1936.

I have made every effort to be as accurate as possible. If you find any errors, please

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Day of intercession and Prayer throughout Empire, January 7.
Mr. E. B. Johnston re-elected unopposed after resigning from Labor Party.
Death of Mr. John Dodd, aged 80. Dalgety s Branch re-opened under Mr. J. T. Quinlavan; later managed by Mr. C. Jamieson.
Country Party comes into being.
Mrs. W. F. Andrews adjudged "Queen of Narrogin Result of Queen Carnival,
Mr. G Shugg, Principal of School of Agriculture.
Death of Lord Kitchener.
Council purchases a bull.
Wool brings up to 45d. on English market and 44=d. at Sydney.
Meeting convened by late Mr. B. H. Dods to discuss proposed memorial building.
War Patriotic Fund established.
Death of Mr. B. H. Dods.
Conscription Referendum: W .A. - Yes' 99,189 votes; "No" 38,637 votes.
Visit of Sir John Forrest. also Governor Sir Harry Barron and Mr. Wilson (Premier).
Municipal finance for year ended showed outgoing debit balance of £867/2/5; health credit balance of £682/4/4.
Entire Australian wool clip secured by British Government at 15=d. per lb.


Death of M. J. T. McGrath, first W.A. Bank Manager
Amusement Tax introduced.
Death of Mr. C. J. R. Wilkinson. late manager of Union Bank.
Proposed Memorial to Fallen Soldiers, suggested by Dr. Mackie (Mayor).
Anzac Day celebrations observed with great solemnity.
Mr E A Hirst appointed Secretary Of Agricultural Society. vice Mr. Nicholls, retired.
Mr. Hector Stewart defeats Bell, Corbett, Kealley and Ryan for South-East Province. Crs. W. Clark and J. Grainger and Messrs. Wald and Roots leave for front.
Proposed Butter Factory. Investigation Committee comprising W. F. Wiese, A. E. Hardie, W. Pethybridge, Senr., and E. S. Hall appointed.
Sergeant Crowe farewelled.
Co-operative Butter Co. established; Provisional Directors: W. F. Wiese. W. Pethybridge, E. Hart, H. Marsh. W. T. Rabbish. J. Ginson, H. J. McDougall, with E. S. Hall as organising secretary.
Mr. C. B. Douglass farewelled.
Mr. E. B. Johnston defeats Mr. W. T.. Rabbish, 1703 to 454.
Municipal finance: Outgoing debit balance (Council), £1,234/15/3; Health balance, credit. £759/6/6.


Convent established in Narrogin. Outbreak of diphtheria.
Rabbits make their appearance in the Great Southern.
Wickepin Town Hall opened.
Ambulance Classes inaugurated.
Departure of Mr. A. E. Liddington.
Butter Co. launched with over 1.000 shares in September. First Directors: H. Marsh. J. Gibson, W. F. Wiese. A. E. Hardie, J. Clayton, D. Bradford, E. S. Hall; Mr. Wiese.
Narrogin Doll Factory established by Mr. Burkitt.
Death of Lord Forrest.
Mr. N. J. Cohn, Town Clerk, - following resignation of Mr. W. L. Johns.
Peace. World wide rejoicings.


Conference to decide question of establishing Greater Sports Ground.
Average price for past season's wool, l4.48d.
Mr. J. R. Ashworth commences as Land, Stock and General Commission Agent in Egerton St..
Butter Co. secures loan of £1,000 from Government.
Mr. Percy Stewart, Clerk of Courts, appointed Town Clerk, York.
Marsh and Hall secure further £500 loan from Government towards Butter Factory project.
Death of Mr. Harry Chipper, aged 32.
Mrs. Thomas, oldest resident (90) honoured by large gathering in Methodist Church.
Deputation of returned soldiers request Council to consider scheme for Memorial Building.
Secession in the air.
Dr. Mackie (Mayor), C. Mitchell (Chairman Road Board), S. Warne, Baird and McCormick appointed a committee to investigate Memorial Building proposal.
Exit Colebatch as Premier - enter Mitchell,
Council accepts proposal to establish Greater Sports Ground.
London Wool Sales, greasy wool sells up to 54d. per lb.
Manager of Butter Factory (Mr. W. J Corrigan) arrives.
Death of Major Hamlin, in Egypt.
Sergeant Barry transferred.
Official opening of Butter Factory by Hon F. T. Broun, Colonial Secretary.
Peace Celebrations.
Pneumonic Influenza outbreak. -
Return of Dean Brennan; Father O'Brien farewelled.
Messrs. Allen, Hall and Warne submit Constitution of Repatriation Committee which is adopted.


Narrogin Butter Factory shows nett profit of £107/2/3 on turnover of £7,100.
Richard Johnson & Co., Pingelly. enter into business in premises previously occupied by Mr. H. Marsh.
First War Service Home erected for Mr, A. G. Thomas.
Greater Sports Scheme established
Mr. A. E. Heathcote leaves Narrogin; Cr E. P. Illingworth elected to vacancy.
C. Pethybridge resigns.
May Wool Sales up to 40 1/4 d. per lb.
Departure of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Jones (National Bank); Successor Mr. P. Doyle.
Mr. J. A. Greig re-elected for South.East Province.
H.R.H the Prince of Wales (now King George) arrives in State.
Cr. Mills leaves for Wagin.
Mr E B Johnston nominated as Country Party representative for Williams-Narrogin Electorate.
Mr W. C Jamieson leaves Narrogin.
Council borrows 2,000 pound for Sports Ground. Show opened by Premier Mitchell.
First Advisory Board Greater Sports Ground. Messrs W F Bird, C Mitchell J J James, F. Tuohy and A. E Hardie
eath of Mr J Fitt Senr.
Year closes with world seething with discontent and strife.
H.R.H. the Prince of Wales (now King George) arrives in State
Cr. Mills leaves for Wagin.
Mr E B Johnston nominated as Country Party representative for Williams-Narrogin Electorate
Mr W. C Jamieson leaves Narrogin.
Council borrows £2,000 for Sports Ground
Show opened by Premier Mitchell
First Advisory Board Greater Sports Ground: Messrs W. F. Bird, C Mitchell, J. J. James, F Tuohy, and A. E Hardie
Death of Mr J Fitt Senr
Year closes with world seething with discontent and strife.

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