Headstone Transcriptions

Recorded Events
Taken from the Narrogin Observer
From 1905 to 1910

Extract from the Narrogin Review published in 1936.

I have made every effort to be as accurate as possible. If you find any errors, please

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First Combine Harvester, "The Advance" model to enter W.A. landed at Narrogin to the order of John E. Clayton.
The Hotel now known as the Commercial at Williams was first known as the "Hotel Cullen " erected by the Narrogin Trading & Agency Co.
First advertisers in the "Narrogin Observer" introductory issue :W. Cornwall C. E Rodda, C. R. G. Richardson, H. Marsh, C. H. James, C. Crawley, F. J. Northwood, Trading & Agency Co., E. E. Watts, Lodge & Reynolds, Mrs. Branley, M. Cohen, M. Brown, T. P. 0'Connor, .J. C. Neilson, S. C. Kealley, H. V. Carne, Clayton & Rintoul Bros.
Mallet bark industry affords employment to hundreds of men.
Branch of A.N.A. formed; first President, A. J Prince; present living members of the first committee: J. J. James, E. S. Hall, H. Marsh and S. C. Kealley.
C. B. Johnson appointed Electoral Registrar.
Peace declared between Russia and Japan.
Public meeting held to consider a proposal to establish a municipality. Sponsors Moss, Lavater and Cullen.
New offices open for Road Board.
J. G. Cornish, first postmaster.
E. P. Illingworth leaves Narrogin - returns several years later.
New Hordern building erected - later destroyed by fire.
Illuminated address presented to Hon. C. A. Piesse.
Narrogin Agricultural Society President: W. F. Wiese; Secretary: R. V. Uren.
Union Bank erects new premises (J. H. Brown contractor).
Rev. Carr, rector of parish.


Rev. Craswell. new rector, welcomed.
M. Brown, President Agricultural Society.
Wirth Bros. lose an elephant through poisoning at Narrogin.
"Narrogin Advocate" destroyed by fire.
Hospital promised.
A. C. N. Olden, dentist, arrives from Bunbury.
Narrogin declared a Municipality on April 13.
Government urged to survey route of proposed Wickepin railway.
First Municipal Elections provoke keen interest.
National Hall opened.
Rabbits at "Carlin" (sic) Kulin.
J. H. Shilling arrives.
Erection of extra street lamps - J. J. James' tender accepted.
Tender of Fyfe & Anderson accepted for clearing certain streets.
Secession motion passed in Legislative Assembly.
V Kemp appointed Foreman.
Narrogin Golf Club formed; President, Dr. Lewis; Committee, McLachlan, Craswell and Hall; Secretary, A. C. N. Olden.
Work on new Railway Station commences (contractor, J. V. Miles, Subiaco).
Baptist Pastor Kennedy retires; Rueben Bailey appointed.
Visit of Sir John Forrest.


Public meeting to consider Municipal and Road Board amalgamation. Motion adopted that clerical staffs of each be amalgamated. Meeting lasted till 1 a.m.
Dr. Lewis President Agricultural Society.
Departure of R. V. Uren, Secretary Agricultural Society. Mr. Lavater appointed.
Conference of representatives of Municipal Council and Road Board decide against proposed amalgamation.
"Observer" removed to premises adjoining Hordern Hotel.
Departure of Mr. Hosking, first manager of National Bank: succeeded by W. F. Ogilvey, of Katanning.
Adolf Becker (Gustave Adolph) appointed Secretary Narrogin Road Board.
Site of proposed hospital inspected by Chief Medical Officer.
New premises for F. J. Northwood erected in Fortune Street(Contractor H. Marsh).
N. Bushalla produces a marketable starch.
F. Davis, new rector, arrives.
Visit of Surveyor-General Johnston.
Town Band; President. Harry Lee.
Council resolved to proceed with loan to build Town Hall.
N. J. Quirk, manager Millars, departs.
J. E. Clayton establishes new home - "Ferndale."
Official opening Collie-Narrogin railway by Premier Moore.
Mr. Germon, P.M.. leaves for Northam.
Cr. Lavater retires; Mr. James elected in his stead.
Rev. Reuben Bailey leaves.
Shops in 1907. - J. T. Chipper. F. J. Northwood. T. H. Shafto, H. W. Nutt, E. J. Butler, J. H. Shilling, T. Saunders, Ralph Stone. A. Carlyle, W. Cornwall, Mrs. Grainger, Mrs. Prettejohn. A. Rewell, .J. Fitt. C. Crawley, C. Maiss, P. E. Wedd, Trading Co., B. Quarte, C. Stepleman, .J. Abell, Mrs. Roddan.
Egerton Street bridge built.


Additions to Duke of York Hotel under way.
Rev. Geo. Menzies, Baptist, arrives.
Town Clerk's salary raised to $160, with right of privatepractice.
Wheat yield for 1907 3,506,250 bushels; 1906, 2,758,567; 1905, 2,308,305; 1904, 2,013,237; 1903. 1,876,252; 1902, 985,559.
Rush for land continues.
Special settlement scheme at Lake Yealering.
At a public meeting Mr. M. Brown moved that the time had arrived when a Town Hall should be built. . Seconded by Mr. W. Pottle. The new hall proposal was instigated by the Agricultural Hall Committee's sale of the hall site to the Government for #1,000.
Telephone exchange opened with 31 subscribers.
Narrogin Agricultural Society; Dr. J. B. Lewis succeeded by.J. E. Clayton; Secretary, G. G. Lavater.
Land applications in the district for February totalled 40,132 acres by 100 applicants.
Father Phelan farewelled.
Mr. A. E. Liddington farewelled.
Rev. A. O. Horn farewelled.
C. A. Piesse elected for South-East Province
Rev. Lance welcomed.
Plans for new Town Hall submitted by G. G. Lavater.
Narrogin Flour Mill recommenced operations, following departure of W. C. Harrison & Co.; Mr. S. Connor, manager.
Mr. Maloney, headmaster State School.
Tender of H. Marsh (#3003/7/6) accepted for building of Town Hall.
Jas. Mann appointed manager of Millars.
Visit of Minister for Agriculture (J. Mitchell).
Rush of applicants for blocks at Dorakin.
Musical and Dramatic Society formed.
Sitting member Cowcher opposed by Moss, Rabbish and Hamersley; Cowcher returned by 2 to 1 majority of total votes cast.
Wagin at this time was in Williams Electorate.
Wickepin Road Board area defined.
Old Agricultural Hall becomes Lands Office
Resident Magistrate Burt welcomed.
Councillor Chipper resigns.
Mayoral election; Moss re-elected: opposed by M. Brown.
Arrival of W. Mickle.
Official opening of Town Hall December 8.


Road Board formed at Wickepin. Pastor Kennedy returns after several years absence.
Telephone subscribers 41.
N. J. Moore Premier.
No. 2 Well sunk.
Price of Crown land increased to #1 per acre
Hotel erected at Wickepin.
Population of State 270,777.
Narrogin Turf Club. T. Hardie, president; Guy May. Secretary.
Narrogin Public Institute. H. J. McLachlan, President; T. Saunders, Secretary.
Wickepin railway completed by Hill & Rennie
Diphtheria scare.
Prime Minister Fisher visits Narrogin.
First Wickepin Road Board members, H. J. Kent. L. C. Dalton, R. Snow, Sol. Fisher, H. Weight. W. Mclnnes and White; Mr. Kent, chairman.
Flour Milling Co. erects grain shed.
Trading Co's. new premises started (H. Marsh contractor).
Farewell to Mr. C. E. Street
Rev. Kennedy inaugurates Boy Scouts.
Rev. Palmer leaves for Kookynie.
Mr. Kent resigns as chairman of Wickepin Road Board and Mr. S.Fisher appointed.
Golf Handicaps 1909: Annear. scr.; Hall, 2; Olden, 2; Lavater, 10; L. Cullen, 18; Johns, 20; Marsh, 20.
Nett public indebtedness of State #71/12/1.
M. Brown and J. F. Cullen of Katanning, and A. .J. Fisher stand for South-East Province; Cullen elected.
Aurora Australia creates great excitement, a remarkable spectacle.
10th Annual Show marked success (#40 at gates).
Presentation to Mr. W. E. C. Moss. Municipal move to secure better lighting system than oil lamps in use.
Picnic Race Club; Dr. Lewis, President; R. Edwards, Secretary.


Singing and talking machine the "biomegascope" - operated at National Pictures.
H. Wanderly Nutt sells out to N. R. Anderson.
Sir John Forrest at Narrogin.
Mayor D. C. Scott.
Death of King Edward VII.
Boom in building.
.J. H. McLachlan, first manager Union Bank, appointed to Geraldton.
Narrogin -Wickepin railway surveyed.
State Farm becomes depot for emigrants.
J. T. Chipper elected Mayor'
Mr. A. P. McCormick arrives.
M. Brown quits Hordern in favour of licensee.
Population of W.A. 282,242.

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